Jennifer believes in the power of the marketplace: in setting fair rules and then allowing individuals and companies to thrive.

Her business experience spans nearly twenty years–as an advisor, counselor, and leader. In her early career as an employment attorney, she worked for Sherman and Howard, LLC, in Colorado Springs after practicing employment and labor law at Littler Mendelson in Dallas.

And then she faced the dilemma of many working women.

After the birth of her first daughter, the question of career versus family was inescapable. Making the personal decision that was best for her and her family, she rejected the either/or paradigm and opted to find balance.  She joined like-minded colleagues, all working together as human resource consultants, and they gradually expanded their presence to a national stature. Employment Practices Solutions now employs consultants coast-to-coast. Jennifer worked for ten years with EPS as a co-owner and senior consultant, conducting employment practices training, investigating workplace misconduct, and providing expert review of employment practices. In that capacity she maintained her professional expertise while retaining the freedom to raise her daughters.

Along the way she co-authored and co-edited two publications: Workforce Strategies in a Down Economy, and Prevent Workplace Harassment: Proven Policies that Keep Your Company Out of Court.

Speaking at the CSFAC's 75th Anniversary Celebration

Good citizenship demands local involvement. Jennifer lives that.

Jennifer served on the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (CSFAC) Board of Trustees from 2004-2011, the last two years as Chair. She remains active as an advisory board member of this unique, Rocky Mountain region arts institution. As with every business–profit or nonprofit alike–the CSFAC could not avoid the economic recession’s impact. Together with the Board, CEO, and staff, she helped craft a sustainable business model, tightening the proverbial belt of expenses and adjusting to realistic revenue. All the while the dedicated and talented staff continued to execute the Center’s mission in a more innovative and efficient manner than thought possible.

“The arts feed our cultural soul even as they provide significant economic impact to our community. Their vitality reflects the community’s.”

Beyond the arts, Jennifer’s service reaches out directly to families, by assisting institutions that promote self-reliance, especially in the face of adversity. She was drawn to the mission of Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs: “Dedicated to helping people reach their highest level of personal and economic independence.”  Recognizing how much this aspiration applies to each of us, she is honored to currently serve on Goodwill’s Board of Directors. In a related vein, Jennifer served for five years as a volunteer instructor for Junior Achievement, teaching their “Economics for Success” program and its free-market lessons, to students in grades 2-6.

Coming Home

In 1995 Jennifer and her husband, Jeff, chose to raise their family and build their American dream in Colorado Springs–selecting the base of Pikes Peak over any other place in the country. Although their annual road-trip vacations explore the rest of the country’s heritage and grandeur, the joy of returning home never lessens.

They’ve helped build community here, and continue to enjoy the Rocky Mountains’ beauty up close: skiing, hiking, running trails, and camping with family.

Jennifer has a personal stake in maintaining Colorado’s unique and rugged environment.