“I strongly endorse Jennifer George for Colorado House District 18. It is essential to have representatives in Denver who understand the importance of fiscal responsibility, and who will work with our City. Jennifer will be a great partner for our community.”

Steve Bach, Colorado Springs Mayor

Stephen G. Bach, Mayor, Colorado Springs

Steve Bach was elected Colorado Springs’ first “strong mayor” on May 17, 2011.

Throughout his 45-year career, he has served extensively for a wide range of community and industry organizations. He was named Business Citizen of the Year by the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. He has served on the board of directors for the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation, Housing and Building Association, Pikes Peak United Way, Pikes Peak YMCA, Community Corrections of the Pikes Peak Region, and University of Colorado Foundation.

Bach’s roots in Colorado Springs run deep. He served in the United States Army artillery from 1964 to 1966, including service at Fort Carson, and received a B.S. degree with highest honors in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 1968.

“The Business Alliance is pleased to announce support for this strong El Paso County delegation. We will work closely with these legislators in their work at the Capitol,” said Doug Quimby, chairman of the alliance’s board. “The economic issues that face the State of Colorado are critical.”

“Reducing the regulatory burden and creating a solid foundation for economic success for the state will be important work in this upcoming legislative session.”

The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance

The Business Alliance is focused on strong business development actions for the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region and believes these experienced candidates will work to represent interests at the State Legislature that bring strong economic growth and jobs to Colorado and El Paso County, the group said in a press release. The critical issues facing the Legislature in the upcoming sessions are focused around critical funding levels for transportation, K -12 and higher education, oil and gas development regulations and the overall economic health of the state,” said the Colorado Springs Business Journal.

The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance is a group formed out of the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce  and the Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corporation.  The Alliance is a primary advocate for Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region’s business community, dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes and to building regional economic growth and prosperity.

Colorado House District 18 candidate Jennifer George today announced the endorsement of Buck Blessing, CEO and founder of Griffis/Blessing, named “Best Real Estate Management Company” by the Colorado Springs Business Journal every year since 2006:

While I supported the incumbent in the last election, this November I am 100% in support of Jennifer George for House District 18. I have known Jennifer George for many years. She is smart, focused, and a proven leader in our community. She has a record of success working with diverse groups of people to reach practical solutions.

Jennifer will concentrate on what matters most to Coloradans: getting our economy back on track and getting our fiscal house in order. I strongly endorse Jennifer George — she is a voice of moderation and reason who will best serve our community and state. We can all be proud to have a woman of Jennifer’s stature representing us in HD18.

Buck Blessing

Mr. Blessing is active in the Colorado community and is a Director of UMB Bank and a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). His past involvement includes: President of the Board, and subsequently Co-chairman of the Capital Campaign, for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Co-Chair of the Pikes Peak United Way Alexis De Toqueville Foundation, Chairman of the Pikes Peak Region Better Business Bureau, President of the Downtown Partnership, Chairman of the Community Development Advisory Board, President of the Southern Colorado Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management, Chairman of the Colorado College Business and Community Alliance, and President of the Business of Arts Center Board. Mr. Blessing’s professional and civic recognitions also include: Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce “Small Business Person of the Year,” and one of Colorado Business Journal’s “Colorado Climbers” recognizing “40 New Leaders 40 and Under.”

Oct 18, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette — Opinion Column

I have seen the future of the Republican Party. Her name is Jennifer George.

George and I spent an hour in a Manitou café getting to know one another. She is bright, articulate, personable, and most importantly, a passionate advocate of liberty. She understands the greatest threat to Colorado’s future is the tax-and-spend mentality of the Democrats. She wants to fight that every way she can.

But just as importantly, she recognizes the importance of liberty in the social realm, and has little interest in making social issues a cornerstone of her campaign. Press her on these issues, and she responds with the importance of the rule of law and the freedom of conscience.

That’s why George is a dream candidate for independent voters.

Independents like the economic and fiscal conservatism of Republicans, but are justifiably suspicious of their social agenda. When presented with the far-right’s relentless drumbeat of “God, Guns and Gays”, independents’ reactions range from boredom to nausea.

George will have none of that. Her district includes Manitou Springs, a very different place from its more straight-laced cousin. It has a more diverse population and “live and let live” attitude. The faithful tend to live their faith quietly, by example, while the nonobservant and less conventionally inclined live their lives without getting in anybody’s business.

It’s a model for how America ought to get along.

It’s also in one of the few competitive districts in this state, maybe the only one. That’s why the battle for District 18 is so important.

The Colorado Senate and governorship are in the hands of the Democrats. The Republicans hold the House by a one-seat majority. If that is lost, the goal of the Colorado Democracy Alliance, Tim Gill, Jared Polis and Pat Stryker will have been achieved. Colorado will be a one-party state, with one-party government, one step closer to Californication.

California, after all, is on the edge of bankruptcy. Unable to meet its obligations, its residents are leaving in unprecedented numbers, many of them settling here.

It is not a coincidence that California is a one-party state. The Republican party of California, with its obsessive focus on immigration and divisive social issues, is rapidly imploding into permanent minority status.

Colorado’s relatively rosy financial picture is due to the tax and spending limitations imposed by TABOR. If the first step toward Californication is government by the Democratic Party, the next step is the repeal of TABOR.

Once that happens, the usual suspects will smell blood in the water. Maddened by the prospect of getting more money by simply lobbying for it, fiscal chaos will ensue as spending outstrips revenue when politicians make promises they can’t keep.

George is only one woman, but if voters send her to Denver, she can help. She is ready to take on the big issues from day one.

She told me, for example, that PERA’s fiscal obligations are a ticking time bomb that has to be diffused now, and she’s absolutely right. She understands that the entrepreneur is the true hero and job creator in the economy. Government needs to stop making it harder for entrepreneurs to create jobs and wealth.

Even if you are a lifelong Democrat, are you so sure your party will behave the way you want if they run the whole shebang? Isn’t there at least a little merit in having a counterbalancing force to curb the excesses of either party? Wasn’t that the whole point of the American system of government? Anybody remember checks and balances from high school civics class? Bueller? Anyone?

Barry FaginHere’s hoping Jennifer George wins in November. If the Republicans lose the House, Colorado will have one-party government and be one step closer to Californication.

Voters of District 18: Do not let that happen on your watch.

Barry Fagin is a contributing columnist for the Gazette. Write Dr. Fagin at barry@faginfamily.net.

“I am writing to give my official endorsement of Jennifer George, candidate for State Representative House District 18. I am aware of the ad hominem this may solicit; however, my hope is that my endorsement for Jennifer George will illuminate the importance of voting person not party. Regardless of my personal political affiliation, it’s my firm belief that my time, energy, and influence is best spent on the candidate who offers the best quality of life to the community I serve and represent. Although I am not in total agreement with either party’s politics–

The servicing of the needs of my community exceeds partisanship.

Why endorse Jennifer George:

  1. Jennifer is also willing to offer her time, energy, influence and access to my community.
  2. Jennifer is admittedly unfamiliar with the totality of our plight, yet is genuinely sensitive and has moved from unawareness to involvement. Again, partisanship should not have more value than the quality of people’s lives.
  3. Jennifer’s moral ethics propel her to serve people first, and party second.

Jennifer George is committed. She comports well and has a fresh vitality; moreover, and more importantly, she has a willingness to champion the causes for all peoples.”

Rev. Promise Y. Lee, Th.M
Pastor of Relevant Word Christian Cultural Center

–Author, Pardoned – A Judicial Memoir
–Winner of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious community problem solving award, the All American City Award
–Adjunct professor of Ethics, Philosophy and Comparative Religion, Pikes Peak Community College
–Small business owner, Altitude K-9

“Jennifer George is a pragmatic, results-oriented leader who understands that government is the servant of the people, not their master. Jennifer understands it is the right and responsibility of parents to direct the education of their children. She is dedicated to promoting school choice to empower parents of all income levels to choose the school where their uniquely individual child will flourish.”

“Improving the education of our children today will secure a more prosperous and equitable Colorado for all of our futures.”

Bob Schaffer endorses Jennifer GeorgeBob Schaffer is the Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education. He is also the Principal of Liberty Common High School in Fort Collins and Chairman of the Leadership Program of the Rockies.

From 1997 to 2003 he represented Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Debbie Brown

Debbie Brown, Colorado Women's Alliance

“The Colorado Women’s Alliance gives its unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement to Jennifer George. She is truly one of us, a woman who, as mother, community leader, and career woman, understands all of the demanding roles that each of us play. She has the same priorities that we have: to make sure our children get the best possible education, and to keep our families strong by increasing our health care choices and economic security. We appreciate how Jennifer George has represented women with dignity and respect; she’ll continue to use her common sense and compassion to represent our values.”

“Our research confirms that women’s issues are much broader than you’d guess from watching over-the-top political ads designed to scare and distract.” says Debbie Brown, Director of Colorado Women’s Alliance. “Joblessness, home foreclosures, rising education bills and a stagnant economy all affect the lives of women in a very personal way. Legislators must enact policies that protect and respect a woman’s personal financial security and independence.”

The criteria for the endorsements stemmed from several focus groups in which women identified the economy as their top issue in this election. Each candidate the Colorado Women’s Alliance endorsed has met the following criteria:

  • Committed to putting Colorado job creation first. A jobless economy hurts women. All endorsed candidates have expressed publicly that job creation is their number one priority.
  • Committed to reducing the burden of business regulation. Excess business regulation and overreaching government crushes job creators and small businesses. All endorsed candidates have made public commitments to curbing needless business regulation.

About the Colorado Women’s Alliance

Colorado Women’s Alliance supports research, education, and advocacy in areas of concern to women voters. The organization views the common concerns among all women as providing high-quality education to all children, protecting seniors, creating economic vitality, preserving safety and quality of life, and providing affordable health care. In addition to creating alliances and coalitions among women, Colorado Women’s Alliance will promote and educate women on issues and candidates, and conduct ongoing research on the values and concerns of women.

Bob Null supports Jennifer George“Jennifer George is the focused kind of person that we need in the Colorado Legislature. She brings desired ideals, fresh ideas, and the fortitude and integrity to stick to her beliefs and her word.

Jennifer is a mom of children currently in the public education system, and she cares deeply about quality education. She is a catalyst in bringing parents, students, and teachers together working to educate our kids.

Being an advocate for school choice, Jennifer has a great working relationship with teachers, principals, superintendents, and board members of several of our educational institutions and agencies.

Within our schools, she has worked as a PTO officer and volunteer, a K-6 classroom volunteer, and a volunteer instructor for Junior Achievement’s “Economics for Success” program.”

“We need Jennifer George to bring serious focus to education and achievement issues for all our students. Others aren’t getting it done — She will!”

Bob Null
Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Education

“I am pleased and honored to endorse Jennifer George for House District 18. She will breathe fresh air, integrity, and intelligence into a system in need of all three.

While Principal of Gold Camp Elementary, I witnessed firsthand her drive to improve Gold Camp in any way possible. As an active PTO member, Jennifer worked diligently to assist the whole school community with curriculum, student activities, and parent programs. She also volunteered as a PTO Board Officer.”

For a principal it is a gift to work with such a dynamic and intelligent “go getter.”

Joe Thiac
Retired Principal

Joe Thiac spent thirty-nine years of his career in public and private education. He retired from the public school system in Louisiana as an Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance after being a High School teacher, Middle School Assistant Principal, and High School Principal.

Joe and his family moved to Colorado in 1989. He worked eight years as Principal of Pauline Memorial Catholic School. In 1995 he received the prestigious National Catholic School Principal of the Year Award, and in 1997 was named Principal of Gold Camp Elementary in the Cheyenne Mountain School District. Joe retired from Gold Camp in 2007.

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work closely with Jennifer during a difficult time. When others might have been overwhelmed, Jennifer rolled up her sleeves and got to work with a clarity of vision that inspires confidence. Her leadership style and personality is to respect the views of others while never straying from her own values. I would vote for her because of her pragmatism, vision, passion for a better community, honesty, and integrity. These qualities supersede, in my mind, party ideology.”

Sam Gappmayer, arts professional and life-long democrat.