October 21, 2012

The Cheyenne Edition — Letters to the Editor

Do actions taken at the State House have an impact on the family at your house? As a mom of children in school, professionally trained in law and a community volunteer, Jennifer George brings many talents to bear on issues such as education, employment, and streamlining business regulations. She believes, and many of us agree, that she will make a difference and a significant contribution as representative of HD 18 residents and all of us in our state legislature.

If family values and excellent personal and professional qualifications have meaning for you, please vote for Jennifer George in the November 6 election.

John A. Daly

Colorado Springs

October 21, 2012

The Westside Pioneer — Letters to the Editor

I appreciate your coverage of Westside events preceding this election. Public forums, and your interviews, make informed choices far easier. Local officials are responsive to calls from citizens, but those folks we sent to Denver only come around wanting our votes and donations. Therefore, I’ve focused on the state races.

For Colorado House District 18, Jennifer George gets my vote. Unlike incumbents STILL raising taxes, ignoring pleas to cut spending, George was volunteering in our schools, with Goodwill Industries, with the Fine Arts Center, accomplishing more with less. This mother formed her own company to stay home and raise her daughters. She understands “woman’s issues”: balancing a budget, paying the mortgage, putting food on the table. George gets it. And she gets my vote. Perhaps George’s fiscal wisdom will be contagious, and Denver will lead the nation to financial sanity. That’s my hope!

Sharon McKiernan

Colorado Springs

Oct 15, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette — Letters to the Editor

Will Pete Lee represent you? Can he represent you? Show me the money. A look at the Secretary of State’s TRACER campaign finance reports on the two House District 18 candidates shows that most of Pete Lee’s funding has come from special-interest groups and people outside the district, while most contributions to Jennifer George’s campaign have come from individuals and businesses within our Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs community.

When there’s a conflict between the interests of HD18 residents and his financial supporters who will Lee vote for? Since Jennifer’s support comes from within the community, you can be sure she will support the interests of HD18. Support Jennifer George, the representative who will represent you.

Joe Fabeck

Manitou Springs

Oct 14, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette — Letters to the Editor

This election season is noisy, with so many issues barraging us for attention and importance. However, the one issue that screams at me and should call out clearly to all of us, is our nation’s debt crisis and its effects at all levels of government.

Several candidates are also concerned about this issue, but I write today in support of Jennifer George. George is fiscally conservative, competent, circumspect, and thoughtful. These qualities make her the right candidate at the right time for the state of Colorado

George correctly believes that government needs to get out of the way so the human spirit can soar; creating new ideas, new jobs, and strong communities. This small-government philosophy is needed as our nation, state, and city all grapple with our crippling debt — debt that will detrimentally affect public safety, infrastructure, and our quality of life. I believe George will be a strong and courageous leader who will make the tough decisions to reduce government regulations and spending, making Colorado stronger, more efficient, and capable of weathering a financial storm.

Please support Jennifer George in the upcoming election. Colorado needs her — now more than ever.

Jill Gaebler

Colorado Springs

Oct 14, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette — Letters to the Editor

The Oct. 7 Gazette reported that the Colorado Springs area unemployment rate is still at 9.6 percent with 1,800 more area residents leaving the job market in August. We need to elect representatives who will work for more efficient government and common-sense policies to get our economy moving again. Jennifer George is the woman we need to represent us in House District 18. I’ve known her for 14 years, and she has been an active, caring and concerned member of our community. I could not disagree more with Pete Lee’s assertion that she’s “part of the extreme fringe in Colorado.”

Her service on the board of Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs, with Junior Achievement, and in D-12 schools, as well as her leadership as Chair the Fine Arts Center Board of Trustees have demonstrated that she knows how to collaborate with a team to make an organization more efficient and more successful — even during tough economic times. Unlike her opponent, Jennifer George knows that what we need is smarter government, not bigger government, to boost job growth in Colorado. Jennifer George has served in our community for 17 years; join me in voting to elect her to serve HD18 in the Colorado statehouse.

Bryan Carr

Colorado Springs

Oct 5, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette — Letters to the Editor

I am writing in response to the mailers being sent to the voters of House District 18 from the Colorado Accountable Government Alliance Independent Expenditure Committee.

I have been friends with Jennifer George since before we started raising children together 16 years ago. The only thing “extreme” about Jennifer is her integrity.

The mailers encourage you to check the facts. Please do, because their “facts” are far from that.

Anita Lane
Colorado Springs

Oct 1, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette — Letters to the Editor

All of us in HD18 with Jennifer George signs in our yards did not put them there because they look nice, but because of what they represent. I am looking for a change in the way our government is run.

I espouse the ideals of independence, self-reliance and willingness to accept responsibility for my own actions. I believe in our Constitution, which I have read, and am proud of our flag and of what it represents. I believe that government limits freedom and think that government must be limited, thus allowing free individuals the chance to succeed or fail based upon their efforts.

Jennifer George offers a clear vision of a more efficient government that will let people work to succeed. Her opponent proposes protectionist policies that are job-killers and budget-busters. His philosophy is to encourage individuals to let government solve their problems for them. He and others like him need to be voted out of office so that the Jennifers of the world can work to free our country to move forward to be the best that our citizens can make it.

Kate Deignan
Colorado Springs

Sep 30, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette — Letters to the Editor

Citizens of El Paso County’s House District 18, I need your help. We need people in our Colorado legislature with common sense who care about and strongly value public safety. We presently do not have that with Pete Lee.

By way of example, last year we had two important laws which I personally asked Pete Lee to cast his vote in favor of, and one to vote against. The first was the Lacey Peterson law. Almost every state has this law, which makes it a double homicide when one murders a pregnant woman. Pete Lee voted against it.

Just as we have a blood alcohol level for drunk drivers, we need a blood THC level for people who drive under the influence of marijuana. We had such a law proposed last year in the legislature, and I personally asked Lee to vote in favor it. Once again, he voted against it.

I personally asked Lee to vote against a House bill which phases out the very best juvenile rehabilitation program we have in the state of Colorado. Pete Lee voted to eliminate it.

As your District Attorney, the abovementioned bills are needed by my office in order to effectively prosecute and rehabilitate. In the future we will have other public-safety laws that will come before our legislature. We need someone there who understands these issues and is willing to take a stand in favor of public safety. Therefore, I am asking you not to rely on political advertising.

Please take the time to go to a town hall meeting or call Jennifer George and talk with her personally. If you see her, as I do, as a person who is approachable, listens, has common sense, and understands the issues, then I ask that you vote for Jennifer George to be your State Representative in House District 18.

Dan May, District Attorney
4th Judicial District, El Paso and Teller Counties

Sep 26, 2012

The Colorado Springs Independent — Letters to the Editor

For the first time, I’ve put a political sign in my yard. And it’s for Jennifer George. Jennifer is more than a fresh face — she is an authentic leader. One reason I’m voting for her is to represent me in promoting and supporting legislation that helps our schools.

I served with Jennifer on the Gold Camp Elementary School Accountability and Accreditation Committee. I saw first-hand her commitment to student achievement and our schools and was impressed with her insights and actions.

Pete Lee voted against charter schools’ being able to use vacant school buildings (HB11-1055), against requiring transparency in collective bargaining between school boards and their employees (HB12-1118), against public school employees’ right to opt out of a union (HB12-1333), and against empowering parents of children in failing schools to petition the state school board to take action (HB12-1149). Lee has voted against the interests of students, parents, and teachers.

Jennifer George emphasizes improving all of our schools through increased accountability and providing parents with more control over their children’s education. If you agree, put a Jennifer George sign in your yard, too!

Lisa Travis
Colorado Springs

Sep 23, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette — Letters to the Editor

I am a physician and small business owner. Like most Americans, I tend to live and let live with regards to social issues but I get more conservative with monetary policy. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I vote for the candidate who I believe can best accomplish the task of bringing us closer to prosperity with less government intrusion. I believe that Jennifer George is that candidate. Mrs. George advocates a free market approach that calls for governmental regulation only when required to make the marketplace run fairly and efficiently. She believes that less government is better government. So do I.

Thomas Jefferson famously stated that

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.”

The incumbent, Mr. Lee, has given it his best shot as a big-government Democrat. Let’s put a fiscal conservative in office and see if we can’t shrink our state government and get Colorado back on a sound financial footing.

Ron W. Pelton
Colorado Springs