To make a difference one has to show up, to speak up, and to step up. Jennifer is doing all three, and asking all of House District 18 to do the same. It’s the powerful sentiment of the citizenry, magnified online and in-person, that can make a difference in Denver and at home. Community involvement and neighbors helping neighbors form the backbone of Strong Communities. Jennifer lives that.

“Strong communities depend on a thriving, free economy. Growing Colorado’s economy fuels education funding and our charitable works.”

The essence of a Strong Community is a robust K-12 education system, and to support that vision Jennifer will promote and protect school choice in all Colorado communities. Parents must be able to choose schools that will be best for their own children, regardless of the parents’ income level. The competition of more school choice also increases schools’ accountability and efficient use of resources, resulting in a better education for all of our children.

Supporting other elements of Strong Communities, Jennifer will encourage more local control and authority, and support the rule of law by ensuring adequate resources for law enforcement and emergency services.

Smart Government
A Free Economy