Sep 17, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette — Letters to the Editor

The Gazette coverage of the Republican and Democrat conventions reminds us that the elections are just around the corner, including right here in downtown Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. When I learned that Jennifer George was running in my House District, District 18, I contacted her. We had coffee. It was an exciting meeting (for me).

I learned that Jennifer is a wife, mother of K-12 kids, community volunteer and business owner. Just like me. Jennifer is running for office to represent the priorities of her constituents. She will thoroughly
vet tough issues and get community input before determining a path for solution. Jennifer is not looking for this election to create political power for herself, she is looking for this election to provide an opportunity to work on public policy that will create jobs and improve our children’s schools and futures.

Jennifer George understands what our families need and value, and she’ll work for practical solutions not a political party or ideology. I will be casting my vote for Jennifer George in November and have hosted friends in my home to introduce them to Jennifer and ask for them to support her too.

With this letter, I ask that you join me in voting for Jennifer George for House District 18.

Becky Fuller
Colorado Springs

To make a difference one has to show up, to speak up, and to step up. Jennifer is doing all three, and asking all of House District 18 to do the same. It’s the powerful sentiment of the citizenry, magnified online and in-person, that can make a difference in Denver and at home. Community involvement and neighbors helping neighbors form the backbone of Strong Communities. Jennifer lives that.

“Strong communities depend on a thriving, free economy. Growing Colorado’s economy fuels education funding and our charitable works.”

The essence of a Strong Community is a robust K-12 education system, and to support that vision Jennifer will promote and protect school choice in all Colorado communities. Parents must be able to choose schools that will be best for their own children, regardless of the parents’ income level. The competition of more school choice also increases schools’ accountability and efficient use of resources, resulting in a better education for all of our children.

Supporting other elements of Strong Communities, Jennifer will encourage more local control and authority, and support the rule of law by ensuring adequate resources for law enforcement and emergency services.

Smart Government
A Free Economy

Jennifer George Announces Candidacy for Colorado HD18

Jennifer R. George announces her candidacy for Colorado House of Representatives District 18. George, an attorney, a longtime Colorado Springs resident and an active community trustee, feels compelled to run for the seat. “I am worried about the future of District 18 and our state,” said George. “I am running because our district deserves someone to represent us in Denver whose singular focus is the economic health of Colorado.” She will strive to find ways to make government more efficient and smaller and to create certainty for businesses and families.

George is committed to the Colorado Springs community. During this economic recession, Jennifer led the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center as Chair of its Board of Trustees. She is also a Board Member of Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs.

George earned her law degree, with honors, from the University of Texas at Austin, and during her 15-year career she represented employers while working as an employment law attorney and a human resources consultant. She is a fiscal conservative and a registered Republican.

George, 44, has been married to her husband, Jeff, for 19 years. As a mother of two daughters, ages 12 and 14, she has taken a leadership role as a volunteer within Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 for the past ten years.

George said, “I look forward to meeting voters in District 18 and hearing about their concerns. I am committed to fighting for all of us in Denver.” The newly redrawn House District 18 encompasses downtown Colorado Springs, Hillside, Knob Hill, Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, Old North End, Patty Jewett, Skyway, and other neighborhoods.

Jennifer will attend the El Paso County GOP Open House at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, January 10, at the County GOP Headquarters, 205 Sutton Lane, to help celebrate the launch of the local GOP’s new website.

Media inquiries can be directed to Julie Papa at 719-649-5439.

Your voice matters. I would be proud to include you among my public supporters.

If I can count on you, please take a minute to use the contact form and express your willingness to let me add you to our growing list of public endorsements, with my thanks.

Representative government is a sacred trust, not a career path. A citizen legislature recalls the Framers’ original intent, and demands from its participants an unprecedented transparency and responsiveness. Poised to magnify your voice in Denver, Jennifer is committed to open channels of communication, keeping the vital mission of representing her fellow citizens paramount.