Debbie Brown

Debbie Brown, Colorado Women's Alliance

“The Colorado Women’s Alliance gives its unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement to Jennifer George. She is truly one of us, a woman who, as mother, community leader, and career woman, understands all of the demanding roles that each of us play. She has the same priorities that we have: to make sure our children get the best possible education, and to keep our families strong by increasing our health care choices and economic security. We appreciate how Jennifer George has represented women with dignity and respect; she’ll continue to use her common sense and compassion to represent our values.”

“Our research confirms that women’s issues are much broader than you’d guess from watching over-the-top political ads designed to scare and distract.” says Debbie Brown, Director of Colorado Women’s Alliance. “Joblessness, home foreclosures, rising education bills and a stagnant economy all affect the lives of women in a very personal way. Legislators must enact policies that protect and respect a woman’s personal financial security and independence.”

The criteria for the endorsements stemmed from several focus groups in which women identified the economy as their top issue in this election. Each candidate the Colorado Women’s Alliance endorsed has met the following criteria:

  • Committed to putting Colorado job creation first. A jobless economy hurts women. All endorsed candidates have expressed publicly that job creation is their number one priority.
  • Committed to reducing the burden of business regulation. Excess business regulation and overreaching government crushes job creators and small businesses. All endorsed candidates have made public commitments to curbing needless business regulation.

About the Colorado Women’s Alliance

Colorado Women’s Alliance supports research, education, and advocacy in areas of concern to women voters. The organization views the common concerns among all women as providing high-quality education to all children, protecting seniors, creating economic vitality, preserving safety and quality of life, and providing affordable health care. In addition to creating alliances and coalitions among women, Colorado Women’s Alliance will promote and educate women on issues and candidates, and conduct ongoing research on the values and concerns of women.

Sep 4, 2012

by John Hazlehurst

The Colorado Springs Business Journal

For a change, the Republicans are taking the House District 18 race very seriously indeed. Given their razor-thin one vote margin in the house, any incumbent Democrat in a swing district is bound to be targeted, but this year they’re fighting fire with fire.

They know perfectly well that your typical gay-bashing, gun-toting, tea-partying ultraconservative Republican would have no shot in HD 18, which has been represented by Dems since Marcy Morrison vacated the seat for greener pastures 10 years ago.

They needed a smart, moderate Republican – and it looks as if they’ve found one in Jennifer George.

Judging by her bio and her campaign literature, she’s a lot closer to Hillary Clinton than Sarah Palin.

Gays? Guns? God? Mitt and Paul? Unmentioned in the attractive flyer which hit my mailbox on Saturday. Reading it, I learned that she’s for “smart government, strong communities and a free economy.” There’s a picture of her volunteering at Care & Share, another of her on the campaign trail, and a third of her attractive family (dog included).

She’s an attorney who’s served on the Goodwill Board of Directors, as chairwoman of the Fine Arts Center Board, as a classroom helper and has been “a carpooling lacrosse mom.”

This is no empty-headed “Broadmoor Barbie.” This is a smart, ambitious, accomplished woman, one who may have a real shot at taking out Rep. Pete Lee.

Two years ago, Lee easily beat Republican Karen Cullen, a protégé of County Commissioner Sallie Clark. Cullen ran a decent campaign, worked hard and appeared to be well-qualified for the job, but she didn’t perform well during debates and community events. Given Lee’s deep roots in the community and easy familiarity with the complex issues of state government, it was difficult for her to gain traction.

George won’t have this problem …

Read remainder of article at CSBJ.

Meredith Vaughan, President of Vladimir Jones, announced today her support for candidate Jennifer George in the race for Colorado House District 18:

Working with Jennifer on the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center board demonstrated perfectly how important it is to have both common sense and a strong business acumen when protecting and growing a cultural resource for the future of our community. Jennifer’s keen understanding of how to best strategically guide this amazing cultural arts institution to financial stability ensures that my kids will always have a place where creativity is valued, enjoyed and experienced in Colorado Springs.

Meredith Vaughan

Meredith Vaughan has 18 years of experience in strategic account planning, and in designing and implementing unique and effective consumer research studies for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Nissan Motor Corporation, Coca-Cola and Sony. Vladimir Jones is a Colorado-based advertising and marketing agency, with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Jim Spittler

As the campaign gets underway, Jennifer George is earning the support of a growing number of individuals throughout Colorado’s House District 18 and beyond. The District itself comprises downtown Colorado Springs, Hillside, Knob Hill, Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, Old North End, Patty Jewett, Skyway, and other neighborhoods, and its citizens are as diverse as the neighborhoods in which they live.

I have had the good fortune to be on the Goodwill board with Jennifer. She is bright, well educated, but more importantly, she is a very good thinker and highly ethical. Just what we need in a representative.

–Jim Spittler, SIOR, NAI Highland, LLC

Thanks also to the following supporters for lending their names to the cause:

Mike and Carla Hassell
Brooke and Kathy Bell

As a “non-career-politician,” Jennifer will bring great common sense and a long term perspective.

–Phil and Anita Lane