I wholeheartedly endorse Jennifer for the Colorado House of Representatives for District 18.

I have witnessed firsthand Jennifer’s commitment to excellence through her work as a member of the board of directors for Goodwill.  She is a true proponent of our community with a relentless commitment to fostering growth among all sectors of our population. Her beliefs are solid and right in line with what Colorado Springs needs—plus, she lives out her beliefs and would never shy from an opportunity to walk the walk. I wholeheartedly endorse Jennifer for the Colorado House of Representatives for District 18.

Steve Condon

Steve Condon, President
The Corundum Group

Steve Condon is responsible for the operating results and client services of The Corundum Group, a Registered Investment Advisor with over one billion dollars under advisement. Prior to joining The Corundum Group, Condon was the Director of Wealth Management for J.C. Bradford & Company, a regional stock brokerage firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Condon led the Trust company for Bradford, as well as the Executive Financial Planning & Corporate Executive Services Department. Mr. Condon is actively involved in the community and currently serves as Chairperson for Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado as well as Treasurer for the Downtown Business Improvement District.

Jim Spittler

As the campaign gets underway, Jennifer George is earning the support of a growing number of individuals throughout Colorado’s House District 18 and beyond. The District itself comprises downtown Colorado Springs, Hillside, Knob Hill, Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, Old North End, Patty Jewett, Skyway, and other neighborhoods, and its citizens are as diverse as the neighborhoods in which they live.

I have had the good fortune to be on the Goodwill board with Jennifer. She is bright, well educated, but more importantly, she is a very good thinker and highly ethical. Just what we need in a representative.

–Jim Spittler, SIOR, NAI Highland, LLC

Thanks also to the following supporters for lending their names to the cause:

Mike and Carla Hassell
Brooke and Kathy Bell

As a “non-career-politician,” Jennifer will bring great common sense and a long term perspective.

–Phil and Anita Lane