Our Beautiful Country

Exploring the majesty, history, and diversity of the United States of America.

Like most Coloradans my family cherishes the majestic beauty of our state, which is also uniquely blessed with abundant natural energy resources.  I will support policies that preserve Colorado’s environment for us and for future generations, while encouraging responsible development of energy resources that are key to the prosperity of all Coloradans.

My approach to balancing energy development is well-summarized in this year’s House Bill 12-1315, passed with overwhelming, bipartisan support.  The Colorado Energy Office is now focused on promoting all forms of Colorado energy.  I agree wholeheartedly with this law’s emphasis on protecting our environment, while promoting energy-market advances that create jobs, improve energy efficiency, and spur the creation of Colorado-based clean and innovative energy solutions.

Colorado’s continued economic and environmental health will rely on developments in traditional, clean, and renewable energy sources.

Colorado already has considerable research and educational facilities with expertise in the fields of environmental and energy research.   We also have many businesses engaged in developing innovative energy technologies—such as wind, geothermal, solar, and biomass—as well as in improving the safety and efficiency of traditional oil, coal and natural gas production.  I believe in a comprehensive energy policy, through which we safely develop reliable and affordable energy for Colorado businesses and households, while serving as responsible stewards of our natural environment.

Jennifer George Family Portrait

Coming Home

In 1995 Jennifer and her husband, Jeff, chose to raise their family and build their American dream in Colorado Springs–selecting the base of Pikes Peak over any other place in the country. Although their annual road-trip vacations explore the rest of the country’s heritage and grandeur, the joy of returning home never lessens.

They’ve helped build community here, and continue to enjoy the Rocky Mountains’ beauty up close: skiing, hiking, running trails, and camping with family.

Jennifer has a personal stake in maintaining Colorado’s unique and rugged environment.